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Indian Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Research [IAAVR]



Award Application Form


Last Date 31 DEC 2023

   [Sponsored by Major (Mrs) Malika Trivedi, Bhopal]


It is a high esteem award and mostly suitable to long experienced, high academic record and senior position veterinarians Full bio-data may be submitted.   There is no prescribed proforma for the award. The award is decided by the Executive Committee. No age limit.


      [Sponsored by Dr. S. N. Singh, Managing Director, Biovet  Pvt Ltd,                 

Scope: To meritorious scientist working in India in the field of Veterinary Microbiology & Biotechnology (Specifically vaccine production, development & diagnosis of infectious diseases).   

Eligibility: Open to veterinarians with minimum of MVSc  or MVSc, PhD with 5 ears experience
Mode of Application: Prescribed Format

[Sponsored by Prof. R. R. Shukla, Ex-FAO Consultant]

Scope: Animal Health and Production

Eligibility:    BVSc/MVSc/PhD with 8 years experience.

Conditions;(1) The work should be done in India
                     (2) The team work may be considered

Mode of application: Prescribed format.



    Scope: The award is instituted to build young scientists career     
    and instill and nurture in them skill of oral presentation and interaction.

    Eligibility: MVSc/PhD in veterinary Science or scientist/teacher etc 

    No. of Awards: Two  One For Faculty applicants (Only upto Asstt Professor) and one for Students (MVSc/PhD)



1-Each interested veterinarian for award will send abstract of one page (not more than 350 words contents of their presentation.

2-The LCD presentation will be made by applicants  at  the prescribed date, venue and time [During Annual Conference of IAAVR].

3-Time for presentation will be 7 mts. + 3 mts interaction.

4-A subsidized registration (10%) will be provided in particular to PG students who have completed their MVSc/PhD recently or they are pursuing their PG study and they have not presented their work elsewhere.  The association will forward names of participants to the Organizing Secretary for 10% concession in Registration fee.

5-The applicant should not include multiple authors in abstract. It is an individual award, no team award.

6-All entries be sent as abstract on E-mail: rishendra_verma@yahoo.com

7-The number of awards may be increased subject to applicants in Animal Health and Animal Production subjects. If there are less than  05 applicants, the award may be deferred.  The decision of IAAVR on the  recommendation of  the  judges shall be final. 


Judgment: Score card (Objective) through a Judgment Committee.


[Sponsored by INTAS Animal Health, Ahemdabad]

Qualification: BVSc & AH and above

Eligibility: Any Veterinarian with outstanding performance and contribution in (a) Veterinary Practice (b) Administration (c) Teaching (d) Research

A Senior and outstanding veterinarian having done substantial veterinary professional work. This is high esteemed award therefore not suitable for youngsters.

Mode of Application: Both ways by search cum selection &  by application  on Prescribed Format

       [Sponsored by Dr. P. Madhusudan, Ex-Principal Scientist, IVRI]

Scope: Any good research work of MVSc/PhD in Veterinary Microbiology

Eligibility: Any person possessing BVSc/or MVSc/PhD may apply + 5 years experience
Mode of Application: Prescribed Format

(Both male and females can apply or can be nominated by Director, AH of State Govt.)    

Scope: Open to filed veterinarian engaged   field postings, administration, field, wild life or state diagnostic laboratory

Eligibility: Any person possessing BVSc/or above degree may apply + 10 years minimum experience. However, the applications will be short listed in order of length of service.

Mode of Application: Prescribed Format

     [Sponsored by Dr. B. A. Talvelkar, Ex-Prof. Deptt. of Physiology, Bombay  
      Veterinary College, Bombay]
Scope: Open to Lady  Veterinarian engaged in research, teaching, administration, field,  wild life or state diagnostic laboratory
Eligibility: Any person possessing BVSc/or higher degree may apply + 10 years minimum experience, however the applications will be short listed in order of length of service.

Mode of Application: Prescribed Format

 [Sponsored by Dr. K. R. Shingal, Deputy Commissioner, AH, IVBP, Pune]

Scope: Excellent veterinary professional performance at National level in field, clinics, virology, immunology, surgery, medicine, microbiology & Biotech or any other veterinary science subject

Eligibility: Any person possessing BVSc/or MVSc/PhD + 8 years experience  may apply. However, the applications will be short listed in order of length of service.


Experience: Minimum of 10 years. However, the applications will be short listed in order of length of service.

Eligibility: M.V.Sc/M.D. Medical and above qualification in Veterinary  
Science for  doing original research in   Medicine or Pharmacology leading to  (a) Drugs Development (b) Discovery o study of drug suitable for treatment  of some disease (c) Discovery of drug molecule/Drug delivery (d) Discovery for mechanism of action of drug or drug resistance (e) Any research which warrants its consideration for the award.
Mode of Application: Prescribed Format


[Sponsored by Mr Vikram Kapoor, S.N. Kapoor Export, Khawas ji
ka  Bagh, Amer Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan]

Scope : Veterinarian practicing canine medicine
Eligibility: Minimum BVSc &AH, Minimum of 10 years experience in canine medicine, However, the applications will be short listed in order of length of service.
Mode of application: On prescribed format


[Open for Veterinary and Medical Qualification]


          IAAVR invites application once in a year. Applicant is required to complete his application in the prescribed proforma. All applications are screened and opinion from Fellows is sought by circulating a brief account of each applicant if required. Assessment is made through mark system in the score card. The age, caste, creed, religion, geographic region, designation, post, scale etc have no bearing effect on the selection of a Fellow. Age and achievements ratio is given careful consideration. A 60% score out of 90 marks will be the minimum eligibility for consideration. The EC however deserve full right to make a final decision.

Number: The number of Fellows to be recognized each year may vary from 1-5.

Eligibility: Professor/Principal Scientist and above posts       

Score Card: The qualifying cut off percentage in the score card will be 60%.   Fellowship will be given in order of merit.

Subscription: Rs. 6000/ (Rs. Six thousand only)  one time payment.   The payment should be made in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favour of the Treasurer, IAAVR, payable at SBI, CARI, Izatnagar or online.  A Fellow becomes Life Member of IAAVR and he is eligible to use F.I.A.A.V.R. in byline of his name

Mode of application: As per the proforma format




1.  Each application for award (except Dr. Rishendra Verma Young Scientist Award) should be accompanied with nonrefundable processing fee of Rs.350/ as a Draft drawn in the name of Treasurer, IAAVR payable at State Bank of India, CARI Branch, Izatnagar.
2.  IAAVR will entertain soft copy of application and the hard copy used for evaluation will not be retained in office records.
4.  That it shall be responsibility of the applicant to retain a copy of his application for his record. 
5.  A veterinarian should apply for one Award/Fellowship  at a time but not for multiple awards. An applicant should satisfy himself for his/her suitability for the best fitted award. 
6. There is no cooling period for a veterinarian having received any award of IAAVR in a particular year; however, application for award each year by the same applicant will be discouraged. Immediate joined members for award will be given low priority.
7.   Those veterinarians who are life members and have been attending IAAVR Conferences will get extra marks in the evaluation.  
8.   The Association communicates in writing result of Awards/Fellowship to only selected applicants. The selected applicant will be required to present himself during Inaugural Session of Congress to receive the Award/Fellowship, failing which there is no provision of granting award in absentia except under extremely adverse circumstances like natural calamity.
9.   The veterinarian receiving award is not exempted from registration fee of Conference.
10. A Fellowship  may be required to present a paper of his/her specialization.
11. The award will be considered only when there is sufficient number of applicants for a particular Awards/Fellowships. Few applications for an award will not allow competition and the purpose of award will be defeated.

Note: Soft copy may be sent for Award/Fellowship. A hard copy may be sent  only be required for evaluation.

For any sort of clarification  
Dr. Rishendra Verma, Founder Secretary, 1219/6 E-Block, Rajendra Nagar, Izatnagar-243 122 Distt: Bareilly (U.P.)  Mob: 9359117376, E-mail: rishendra_verma@yahoo.com



It was felt with a great vigor to recognize and honor academic accomplishment of veterinarians. The Association took a bold and crystal clear decision in 1995 to institute FELLOW IAAVR which is exclusively designed to recognize veterinarians. Probably, the thought worked on the idea of saying” Self admiration Carries no Meaning”, hence, there should be some agency to admire you and your efforts, dedication, devotion and contributions. As such, the front line organization, IAAVR came forward to extend this recognition. 

Definition of Fellow: A Fellow is a person who has made academic or professional accomplishment in any area of veterinary science and animal husbandry or any other such important area, to the extent that he becomes distinct in the profession or society; inculcate fellow colleagues by his good deeds, acts as a source of inspiration to others. His recognition becomes truthful and desirable. 

Rights and Privileges

(1)  A Fellow IAAVR will enjoy same rights and privileges which are enjoyed by a life member under the approved bylaws of the association or as amended time to time.

(2)  A Fellow would be entitled to forward application of other interested scientists for consideration to awards and also for the honor of Fellow IAAVR

(3) A fellow will be entitled to use abbreviation “FIAAVR” as an appendage to the byline of his name

(4) A meeting of Fellows may be called as and when necessary to obtain their opinion on vital and national issues

(5) A Fellow will be eligible to present a paper in Conference

(6) A Fellow IAAVR’s name will appear in the Directory of Experts, discipline wise and his name may be forwarded as and when asked by agency like VCI, WHO, FAO etc.

(7) A Fellow IAAVR will be considered as a guiding force to IAAVR on scientific matters

(8) The IAAVR will be publishing biography of Fellow in the form of a Book  which  will be sent to all other Academies both at home and abroad.


Click Here to Download Fellowship Score Card

Click Here to Download Fellowship Application Form