25th Indian Veterinary Congress, Date and Venue to be Announced .
News Letter/Announcement

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  1. To promote the advancement of Veterinary Research in India
  2. To arrange scientific meetings, seminars, conferences, symposia, workshop, group discussions in the Veterinary Science to provide a common platform for the mutual exchange of the knowledge.
  3. To publish a Journal” Journal  for the Advancement of Veterinary Research” to serve the profession and to disseminate the current knowledge of Veterinary Science. Also efforts will be made to bring this journal at the International level.
  4. To undertake publication of scientific bulletins, monographs and other scientific material. To publish scientific proceedings.
  5. To publish a News letter in necessary to create awareness about the society and Veterinary Science among the professional, students and farmers.
  6. To persue the problem related to Veterinary Science
  7. To collaborate with other societies and association of the Veterinary Science.
  8. To keep a liason with Government departments, universities and other research organisations.
  9. To develop and strengthen the man power.
  10. To evolve and raise funds of the association by donation and subscription of through agencies.